Buildings construction

Thanks to its experience and to investments in equipment, but especially in management and operational staff, S.A.M. can carry out any type of construction work, from greenfield projects to renovations.

The company operates in several fields of building:

  • Civil buildings
  • Industrial building
  • School buildings
  • Retirement homes construction.

The use of modern and updated techniques, the constant attention to details in every phase of construction and an accurate operational control, allow the Company to carry out projects with high quality standards and thorough compliance with contractual times.

Our technical staff can face every technical problem with rapidity and competence, solving unexpected and variant items with professionalism and promptness.

S.A.M. deals with the construction process with the care of craftsmanship but with the organizational structure of an industrial enterprise, always aiming to deliver every project to the quality expected by clients, through the experience and the passion of its staff.