Aggregates and cement mix

S.A.M. produces several types of aggregate utilisable as infil, embankment and roadbeds. These products range from natural materials from the companies own quarries, to stabilised and recycled aggregate and cement mix.

Stabilised aggregate

Through the process of controlled crushing an aggregate is produced which is termed “Stabilised 0-45” which is used as the last layer in creating road embankments or for the sub-base during the preparation of screeds for paving, given its excellent loading capacity after compacting.

“Stabilised 0-45” is marked CE in conformity with the EN 13242 regulation.

Recycled Aggregate

Recycled aggregate is produced through the recovery of materials from earthworks and demolition, sent to the Roreto site where they undergo a cycle of processes which adapt them for new uses.

In this way the “Stabilised recycled mix” is produced, available in two sizes: 0-20 and 0-40.

Stabilised recycled mix is marked CE in conformity with the EN 13242 regulation.

Cement Mix

S.A.M. has its own CIFA plant, capacity 160 ton/h, for the production of cement mix. The plant, completely automised, guarantees the necessary production uniformity to satisfy a full range of design specifications.